Mariya Simeonova, M.D., Ph.D. Mariya Simeonova, M.D., Ph.D.

Date and Place of Birth
January 28, 1950; Pleven, Bulgaria

1975 M.D. Medical University of Sofia
1981 Specialization in Medical Biology - Medical University of Sofia
1985 Specialization in Medical Genetics - Medical University of Sofia
1986 Ph.D. – Higher Attestation Committee
1989 Habilitation - Higher Attestation Committee
Positions Held
1976-1989 Assistant professor, Senior and Chief Assist. prof., Higher Medical Institute - Pleven
1990-1997 Head, Medical Genetics Counseling Centre, Higher Medical Institute - Pleven
1997-2001 Head, Department of Medical Genetics, Higher Medical Institute - Pleven
2001- present Head, Section “Medical Genetics”, Deparment of Microbiology,
Virusology and Medical Genetics, Medical University of Pleven
Teaching and Research Experience
Course Head and Lecturer - Full-time Medical Genetics lecture courses for M.Sc./M.D. Students (Medical University of Pleven) in Bulgarian and English, and B.Sc. Students of Medical University and students of Medical College of Pleven.
Course Head – Post-graduate Medical Genetics specialization training for M.D. and Fellows.
Thesis Advisor – Ph.D. candidates in Medical Genetics
Co-Author – Medical Genetics Textbook (2007)
Co-Author – Educational Tool Set (print and computer-based, bilingual) entitled „DNA Analysis in Clinical Practice” (2005)
Co-Organizer – two transnational pilot projects for development and transfer of innovation and quality in vocational training under the „Da Vinci Programme,” E.U.
„Improving Molecular Biology Practical Skills in Medical Educaiton” (2000)
„Lifelong Learning System: Nurturing the Level of Cell Medicine” (2003)
Co-Organizer – mobility project in vocational traning under the „Da Vinci Programme,” E.U.
„Improving Professinal Skills of Lecturers at the Medical University of Pleven Participating in Education of English-Speaking Students” (2000)
25 Publications in Bulgarian and foreign scientific journals (2000-2008)
33 Presentations at scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad (2000-2008)
2 Participations in national-level science projects financed by Ministry of Education and Science (2000-2008)
7 Participations in science projects financed by Medical University of Pleven (2000-2008)
Research Interests
Genetic causes for: reproductive failures, inborn abnormalities, physical/mental development disorders.
Genetic preventive care: genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis, genetic screening programs for newborn children and pregnant women.
Clinical and onco-hematological cytogenetics.
Professional Affiliations
Member, Bulgarian Science Society for Human Genetics
Member, Bulgarian Science Society for Obstretics and Gynecology
Member, Bulgarian Science Society for Pediatrics
Member, Bulgarian Science Society for Hematology
Member, Ukranian Association for Pre-natal Diagnostics
Member, European Human Genetics Association
Member, Bulgarian Association of Medical Doctors
Science Secretary, Medical University of Pleven
Member, Academic Council, Faculty Council of Medical University of Pleven
Member, Bulgarian National Examination Comittee for Medical Genetics Specialty
Editor, „Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research” (Medical University of Pleven)