Expense Guide 2020/2021

Medicine in English/Bulgarian language (six years)

7500 euro

English/Bulgarian language preparatory course

3500 euro

Nursing in Bulgarian language (four years)

3000 euro

Midwifery in Bulgarian language (four years)

3000 euro

Postgraduate Specialization courses in Bulgarian language (three to five   years, depending of the course)

6000 euro

Postgraduate Studies for PhD. Degree in Bulgarian language

4800 euro

* the yearly tuition fee is payable in two equal parts in the beginning of each semester.


Expenses Associated with living in Bulgaria

Minimum of living expenses

300 euro per month


150-200 euro per month


50-70 euro per month

Private rental apartment

150-300 euro per month

Room in a private apartment

70-100 euro per month

Student’s travel card

8 euro per month