Incoming mobility – Staff

For such a visit to take place, there must be a valid Erasmus + Inter-institutional agreement for Teaching Staff Mobility (TSM) between Medical University – Pleven and the home institution of the teaching staff (TS).

The TS must initially apply to the Erasmus/International Relations Office at her/his home institution to take place in the TSM program.

The next step is to get in touch with the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator of the Department that the TS want to visit at MU - Pleven. The TS and the Departmental Coordinator must jointly fill out the “Individual teaching programme” or “Individual Training program”and sign it. This document is then approved and signed by the representatives of the two institutions and a copy if left with the Office of International Relations (OIR) at MU - Pleven.

 An official letter of invitation must be prepared by the hosting Departmental Coordinator and sent to the TS.

After the completion of activities at MU - Pleven, the host Department must prepare a Letter of Confirmation comprising the activities of the TS during the mobility. A copy of the letter must be given to the visiting TS before she/he leaves MU - Pleven.