Migration office and residence permit

All foreign students (EU and non-EU students) studying at Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria must apply for Residence Permits.The National Migration Directorate is in charge of issuing, cancelling or extending residence permits in Bulgaria and can be found in local police stations.      The Long Term Residence Permit is issued for one year to non-EU citizens and for five years to EU citizens. After a student has applied, a temporary residence certificate is issued and the long term residence card is issued within three weeks. If any documents are missing, an applicant has seven days to collect and submit them.

EU citizens (including those from non-EU countries that have signed a treaty on visa-free entry) can enter the country using their passport or ID and must apply to the Local Migration Directorate for Residence Permit within 90 days of their arrival in Bulgaria.

All non-EU international students must apply for a "Student type D Visa" prior to entering Bulgaria (valid between 3 to 6 months) at Bulgarian embassies or consular offices in their home country, and must submit an application to the National Migration Directorate for the Long Term Residence Permit upon arriving to Bulgaria  before  their Visa expires.

Foreigners who have obtained a Bulgarian long-term residence permit are obligated to have the permit certificate/card.

Any change of address needs to be reported within five days to the local Police Office.

The following documents must be collected by students before they apply for their residence permit:

  1. An application form. The form is in Bulgarian and must be completed in Bulgarian. The following information is required on the form:
  • Applicant's parents' or legal guardians' full names
  • Applicant's children's full names
  • Applicant's full name
  • Applicant's nationality (and any other nationality also held)
  • Applicant's Date and place of birth
  • Applicant's national identification document (passport or ID) number, Date of issue, Date of expiry (if applicable)
  • Applicant's reason for requesting residence permit in Bulgaria (for example, home owner, employment, long-term visa, student type D Visa)
  1. For EU students: two copies of their passport or personal ID. For non-EU students: two copies of their passport with which they have entered Bulgaria and two photocopies of its pages containing the last Bulgarian entry stamp. The passport must be valid for at least a year and a half after the date of the Bulgarian ID card application. A valid passport must be shown every time applicants go to the Migration Office.
  2. For non-EU students: a copy of the Visa with which they have entered Bulgaria.
  3. For returning EU and non-EU students: copy of their Bulgarian ID card
  4. For both EU and non-EU students:

A declaration for address – sample (The rental contract as proof of address)

  1. For both EU and non-EU students: Translated European health insurance card or health insurance
  2. For both EU and non-EU students: Document from the Medical University - Pleven that the applicant has paid his or her tuition and is regular student
  3. For both EU and non-EU students: Certificate from a local bank that the applicant has opened an account with the deposited amount
  4. For both EU and non-EU students: Enrollment certificate in Bulgarian issued by the Medical University.
  5.  Non-EU citizensmust pay a residency fee at the bank in the Migration Office. Students (non-EU citizens) who apply for the first time for long-term residence permits are required also to submit a certificate showing no previous conviction. This document needs to be legalized (by an Apostille) and accompanied by an official translation into Bulgarian language. The documents are submitted at the police station 14 days before the expiration date of your Visa (the residence permit takes about 14 days to be issued). Your Visa has duration of 180 days, so make sure you check the date.


For more information:

Local Migration Directorate Pleven,

San Stefano Str. 3

Phone number: 064/864609; 064/864610; 064/864406