Accommodation for International Students (updated)



Pleven, 13.06.2017 г.


In accordance to the Regulation of student accomodation and canteens, Council of Ministers Decree № 235, 25 September 2008 г., ДВ бр.86/2008 г.


O R D E R:

  1. Deadline for handing in application forms, academic year 2017/2018: 07.2017 г. - 18.08.2017 г.
  2. Required documents and forms:

International students:

- Application form (1st Form, Bottom), certified by the student dormitory manager and the student office expert of „Medicine” Faculty, sign and stamp of the Faculty included.


Incomplete forms are not accepted.

Forms handed in after deadline are not reviewed.

Documents and forms sent via mail or e-mail insted of being handed in personally are not accepted.


RECTOR:             / П /

( Проф. д-р Сл. Томов, д.м.н. )


Accommodation data for international students, addition:
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