Current information about preventive and anti-epidemic activities at Medical University – Pleven

Created: 11 March 2020

Given the changing situation in the country and the patients in Pleven found positive for infection with COVID-19, further preventive and anti-epidemic measures have been taken:

  • According to Order of the Rector No606/10.03-20202, training is suspended until 13.03.2020.
  • Final disinfection is being carried out on the premises of the university, as has been planned.
  • Personal protection equipment is to be provided.
  • Students should not travel to their native places. They are advised to keep in contact with their colleagues – members of the Students' Council at the university, the staff at the Students' Department. Should it be necessary, students can phone a general practitioner to seek medical advice.
  • All students, and teaching and administrative staff are advised to avoid crowded places, to stick to recommended hand hygiene rules and use masks if symptoms of a virus infection occur.
  • Updates can be found on the following websites: and