European Public Health Week 11-15 May 2020

Created: 04 May 2020

For a Second year the European Public Health association (EUPHA) is organizing European Public Health Week 11-15 May 2020.

The motto of EUPHW 'Joining forces for healthier populations' correspondс to the world exclusive situation, in which Promoting public health is now more important than ever”.

COVID-19 Collaboration, Coordination, Communication is the overreaching theme of EUPHW, that is included in 5 thematic days, reflecting important problems in public health. 



European countries and other countries outside Europe participate in EUPHW through their national public health associations.

Bulgarian Public Health Association (BPHA), established in Pleven, has been ranked the first among all 35 countries participating in the First EUPHW 13-17 May 2019 with 27 events of different format.

This year all events in EUPHW will be online. BPHA has registered over 30 registered events. The most active is the Faculty of Public Health in Pleven. All planned events are directed to improve competence and awareness on the role of all medical professionals in promoting public health.

More information for all registered events and the participation of BPHA is available on EUPHA site;;