Division of Biology

The Division of Biology was founded in 1974.   Between 1999 and 2008 it was a part of the Department of General Biology and Pathophysiology.   Since 2008 the department has been a part of the Department of Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Biology.   Prof. M. Atanasova, PhD has been  the head of the Biology division since 2011.


The academic staff consists of three associate professors and four assistant-professors. Since its establishment two Doctor of Science degrees and seven PhD theses have been defended.

The Biology division has five training laboratories equipped with projection equipment, microscopes and videos. Practical training is conducted with students in the courses of  Molecular and Cell Biology, Basic Immunology and Parasitology, thus enabling students to acquire essential skills in the field of General Biology.   Modern audio-visual teaching methods are used to deepen and expand their knowledge. The lectures emphasize on Molecular and Cell Biology, Basic Immunology and Parasitology.

Research in  division  Biology  is based on well-equipped histochemical and immunological laboratories.   They are focused on immunological studies of extracellular matrix protein metabolism, oxidative stress in patients with autoimmune, neurologic diseases and reproductive failures.

Courses taught in Biology department

  • Human Biology for medical students
  • Biology for pharmacists
  • Biology for pharmacist-assistant
  • Biology - Preparation Course  for Department of Language and Specialize Training