Left to right: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Baychev, MD, PhD; Prof. Dr. Grigor Gortchev, MD, PhD; Prof. Dr. Tashko Deliyski, MD, PhD

The Center of Oncology was established in 1996 on the basis of the Regional Oncological Dispensary which has functioned since 1976 at the Higher Institute Hospital and has been transformed into Department of Oncology. Currently within its structure there are six separate functional and organizational units: Oncological Surgery, Oncological Gynecology, Chemotherapy, Raytherapy, Oncological Dermatology and Oncological Reanimation. Prof. Dr. Tashko Stefanov Deliyski has been head of the center since 1993.

The scientific and academic staff includes one Professor, two Associate Professors and one Chief Assistant Professor, all whom have acquired a specialty in the relevant scientific field. Three disertations for the acquisition of the academic Doctor’s degree have been defended along with one for the Doctor of Sciences degree. Seven new positions for PhD students have been opened at present.

The collaborators at the Center of Oncology carry out the training of Bulgarian and International students and a state clinical practice in Oncology within the framework of the discipline 'Surgical Diseases'. The main objectives of the instruction course are as follows: introduction into the organization of the oncological help in Bulgaria, establishing the practice among trainees of fulfillment of preventive programs with oncological direction, learning the basic screening methodology for early discovery of breast and cervix cancer, contemporary opportunities for therapy of patients with oncological diseases.

The scientific and academic activity is directed towards studying the problems of prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer, cervix cancer, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract while also studying the medical problems concerning the lymphogenic metastases of malign diseases. The professional team has 11 collaborations in monographs, textbooks and other study materials as well as 25 publications in Bulgarian and 8 in international scientific magazines.