In the Department training is conducted in the following subjects:

  • Physics - specialty "Medicine";
  • Biophysics - specialty "Medicine";
  • Physics and Biophysics - specialty "Pharmacy";
  • Biomechanics - specialty "Medical rehabilitation and Ergo therapy";
  • Equipment in nursing practice - specialty "Nurse";
  • Equipment in gynecological practice - specialty 'Midwife'.


The following textbooks and practice books have been published in assistance of the students:

  • „Biophysics Laboratory Manual“, published 2013, authors Margarita Alexandrova and Moni Magrisso
  • „Антиоксидати и оксидативен стрес“ , published 2013, author P. Bochev
  • „Биофизика. Ръководство за лабораторни упражнения и работна тетрадка“, published 2014, authors Margarita Alexandrova and Moni Magrisso
  • „Medical Physics“, published 2015, author Margarita Alexandrova
  • „Biophysics Practice Book – test questions and problems“, published 2016, author Margarita Alexandrova
  • „Биомедицинска физика“, published 2015, author P. Bochev


The research activity of the Division of “Physics, Biophysics, Mathematics and Information Technologies” is in the field of free-radical biology and medicine. More than 500 scientific articles and reports have been published so far, many of which in distinguished international journals with a high impact factor. Since the establishment of the Division, seven doctoral dissertations have been defended.


Selected published monographs and scientific books:

  1. Bochev P, Tzvetkov N. Free-radical injuries. Prospects of their antioxidant prevention and therapy, Amadeus, Sofia, 2000 - the first Bulgarian scientific monograph on oxidative stress.
  2. Alexandrova M. Role of oxidative stress in aging. In: Pathophysiological changes in aging, Edited by D. Strashimirov, Monograph, Publishing Center, Medical University - Pleven, 2008; 43-74.
  3. Alexandrova M, Bochev P. Oxidative stress during the chronic phase after stroke, Free Radical Biology And Medicine, 2005; 39(3): 297-316 – a review article, ranked ninth among the Top 25 2005 Hottest Articles.
  4. Alexandrova M, Bochev P. Oxidative Stress in Stroke.Chapter 15, 2007; 15:307-362. In: Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disorders. Edited by G. Ali Qureshi and S. Hassan Parvez, ELSEVIER B.V., HOLLAND, 2007.
  5. Bochev P. Antioxidants and oxidative stress Антиоксидати и оксидативен стрес – Monograph, Publishing Center, Medical University - Pleven, 2013.