Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Social Pharmacy

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Social Pharmacy 

General information about the Department

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Social Pharmacy has appointed ten full-time academic lecturers: four full professors, two associate professors and four assistant professors.

The Department is structured in three sections.

  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobotany
  • Social Pharmacy


Prof. Toni Vekov, PhD , DSc

Prof. Petkana Hristova, PhD, DSc

Assoc. prof. Nadia Veleva, PhD

Assos. prof. Hristina Lebanova, MPharm, PhD

Chief assist. prof. Joana Simeonova, PhD

Assos. prof.


Tel: +35964 884 100

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Subjects and facilities

Core courses:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmacobotany
  • Social pharmacy and pharmaceutical legislation
  • Medical statistics
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Pharmacoeconomics

Optional courses:

  • Health Technology Assessment
  • History of Pharmacy
  • Drug policy
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Standards for good practices in the pharmaceutical system
  • Clinical trials of medicinal products
  • Procedures for drug registration
  • Processes and equipment in industrial pharmacy


Experimental laboratories:

Pharmaceutical Technology – 6; Pharmacognosy – 4; Pharmacobotany – 1


Available equipment in Pharmacognosy labs:

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC); Spectrophotometer; Fume hoods; Microscopes; Laboratory glassware etc.

Available equipment in Pharmaceutical Technology labs:

Mixer and Granulator; Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine; Rotary Tablet Press; Forced Convection Oven; Fume Hood; Falling Ball Viscometer; Flowability Tester; Tablet Friability Tester; Tapped Density Tester; Semi-Automatic Hardness Tester; Tablet Disintegration Tester; pH meters; Titration setup; Water Baths; Laminar Flow Hood; Autoclave; Laboratory glassware etc.

Available equipment in Biopharmaceutical Control lab:

Infrared Spectrophotometer; Dissolution Apparatus; Water bath; Laboratory glassware etc.

Research fields:

Pharmaceutical technology

Preparation and modification of polymeric microspheres

Modified-release dosage forms

Biopharmaceutical control

Social Pharmacy



Health technology assessment