Department of Public Health Sciences

General information about the Department

The Department of Public Health Sciences was established in 2014 after the merger of the Department of Medical Ethics, Management of Health Care and Information Technologies and the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Medical Statistics, Pedagogy and Psychology.

The Department of Public Health Sciences has appointed seventeen full-time academic lecturers: tree full professors, six associate professors and eight assistant professors.

The Department is structured in five divisions.

Division “Medical Ethics”
  • prof. d-r Silviya Aleksandrova-Yankulovska, MD, PhD, DSc
  • assist. prof. Atanas Anov

Division “Social medicine”
  • Assoc. prof. d-r Stela Lyudmilova Georgieva, MD, PhD
  • Assoc. prof. d-r Mariela Stefanova Kamburova, MD, PhD
  • Assist. prof. Joana Ivanova Simeonova, PhD
  • Assist. prof. d-r Dima Krumova Tsanova, MD

Division “Management of health care”
  • Assoc. prof. Makreta Todorova Draganova, PhD
  • Assoc. prof. d-r Gena Georgieva Grancharova, MD, Ph
  • Prof. Tzvetan Georgiev Sivkov, PhD
  • Assist. prof. Rositsa Georgieva Koleva-Kolarova

Division “Information technologies and biostatistics”


The Division of Information Technologies was formed in the structure of the Department of Medical Ethics, Management of Health Care and Information Technologies in 2005. In 2014 Biostatistics was integrated in its structure so it became Division of Information Technologies and biostatistics in the newly formed Department of Public Health Sciences.

Division “Pedagogy and Psychology”
  • Assoc. prof. d-r Zdravka Veskova Radionova, MD, PhD
  • Assos. prof. Silviya Borisova Tsvetkova, PhD 

Subjects taught by the Department staff in the baccalaureate and master degree programmes at the Faculty of Public Health
  • Social medicine
  • Management of health care
  • Health economics
  • Labour and administrative law
  • Health legislation
  • Medical ethics
  • Epidemiology of health
  • Health promotion
  • Pedagogy
  • Medical pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Medical psychology
  • Management psychology
  • Medical statistics
  • Informatics
  • Medical informatics
  • Research methodology
  • Computer technologies in health management
  • Application of computers in the office automatization
  • Application of computers in the medical practice
  • Management and ethics of hospice care
  • Nursing diagnosis
  • History of health care
  • Marketing of health services
  • Microeconomics of health organizations
  • Administrative process
  • Global trends of public health
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Health projects
  • Time management
  • Health insurance systems
  • Pharmaceutical policies
  • Health technology assessment

Subjects taught by the Department staff in the other Faculties of the Medical University - Pleven
  • Social medicine
  • Social medicine and medical sociology
  • Medical ethics
  • Medical informatics
  • Medical statistics in English for international medical students
  • Application of computers in the medical practice
  • Informatics
  • Demographic and social statistics
  • Palliative care
  • Health legislation

Main research themes at the Department of Medical Ethics, Management of Health Care and Information Technologies
  • Training and realisation of health care managers
  • Organisational and ethical problems, and trends of development of hospice/palliative care in Bulgaria
  • Research of practices for ethical decision-making in the clinical field
  • Assessment of the health reform in Bulgaria through analysing public and professionals’ opinion
  • Professional methods and tools for quality assurance of health services
  • Labour market for health professionals
  • Financing of hospital care in Bulgaria
  • System for complex automatization of testing in the medical education
  • Management and ethics of hospice/palliative care
  • Creating norms for physical development of newborns
  • Medico-social aspects of still birth
  • Distance learning and control of the gained knowledge in certain disciplines
  • Application of systems for administrative services and quality management of education
  • Information networks, streams and documentation in the System of quality management and maintenance of education
  • Application of automated systems for generation of tests and automation of exam control in certain disciplines and training modules

Published textbooks
  • Medical Ethics - 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Readings in Bioethics (in English) - 2016
  • Ethical decision-making in health care (in English) - 2014
  • Social Medicine - 2002, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016
  • Social Medicine. Basic Course (in English) - 2015
  • Medical Statistics
  • Management of Health Care
  • Hospice Care – Management and Ethics – 2003, 2005, 2009
  • Compendium in business ethics
  • Computer Information Technologies – Part 1 – Fundamentals of computers and operation systems – 2006, 2008
  • Computer Information Technologies – Part 2 – Application of computers in office automation – 2005, 2007, 2009
  • Informed consent – translation from English language
  • Bioethics - Basic Course (in English) - 2008
  • Fundamentals of management in health care
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Management psychology
  • Pedagogy
  • Andragogy
  • Pharmaceutical market and policies in Bulgaria
  • Reimbursement of medicines and pharmaceutical markets
  • The health reform in Bulgaria – 1999 – 2009 – Results, opinions and
  • recommendations
  • The health insurance system in Bulgaria – 1999 – 2009 – Results, models and
  • opinions
  • Public relations and marketing communications
  • Marketing strategy and management
  • Pharmacoeconomics. An integral part of health economics and drug policy.
  • Drug policy, reimbursement and pricing – second edition
  • Marketing of medicinal products
  • Health technology assessment
  • Drug therapies assessment. Theory and practice
  • Computer Technologies – 2013

From a historical point of view the Department inherited the traditions of the Department of Social Hygiene created in 1976. Founder of Social Hygiene Department in 1976 was senior assistant professor Gena Grancharova. In the academic year 1977/78 the first assistant professors were appointed – Petkana Hristova (at present professor in the Faculty of Public Health), d-r Nevena Tzacheva (at present assoc. prof. in the National Centre for Prevention and Control of Public Health) and d-r Natashka Danova (at present assoc. prof. in the National Centre for Prevention and Control of Public Health).