Division “Information technologies and biostatistics”


The Division of Information Technologies was formed in the structure of the Department of Medical Ethics, Management of Health Care and Information Technologies in 2005. In 2014 Biostatistics was integrated in its structure so it became Division of Information Technologies and biostatistics in the newly formed Department of Public Health Sciences.


Lecturers in the division:

  • Assoc. prof. eng. Georgi Tzanev Ivanov, PhD, Head of Division
  • Assist. prof. dr. Kiril Nikolaev Statev, MD
  • Assist. prof. eng. Asen Simeonov Seizov
  • Assist. Eleonora Nikolaeva Mineva-Dimitrova


Main task of the lecturers in the division is the training of students in the fields of Information technology and Statistics on subjects included in the University curricula of different specialties:

  • Informatics,
  • Medical informatics,
  • Application of computers,
  • Computer technologies in healthcare management,
  • Medical statistics,
  • Research methodology, etc.

Some of the lecturers also teach in postgraduate and certification courses in their respective fields.


The training facilities in the division include two computer labs, equipped with modern computer systems and broadband access to the Academic computer network. The division is the main executant in Medical University – Pleven of the joint academic initiative Virtual Department of Computing “John Atanasoff”. Thanks to division activities MU – Pleven is part of GEANT – Paneuropean multigigabit research network.


The main scientific areas in which the division operates are:

  • Computer architectures and their application in healthcare;
  • Operating systems and organization of information in computers;
  • Application of computers in office automation;
  • Local and global computer networks and network services;
  • Automation of test assessment;
  • Distance learning and knowledge control;
  • Optimization in computer networks;
  • Implementation of automated administrative service;
  • Biostatistics in medical practice and education;
  • Methodology of scientific research.