Current Rules and Regulations




The medical students’ most essential responsibility is to learn. They are expected to meet the standards of performance established by the faculty and be committed to continuous improvement.

Students are expected to demonstrate integrity, self-discipline and responsibility in all aspects of their education and in their interactions with all members of the University community.

Patients are medical students’ most important teachers. Students should be compassionate, empathize with patients and act with respect for patients’ privacy and personal dignity.

Students are required to behave in such a fashion as to bring honor upon the University and the Profession.


Annual fees are billed in two equal installments not later than the first week of each semester.

No refunds shall be made to a student who suspends his/her studies or withdraws from the University.  

If a student owes tuition fees to the University at the point of suspension, he or she remains liable for payment of the fees.


All lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions, clinical activities, and scheduled assessments are mandatory.

Planned absences

When a circumstance that may warrant an absence is anticipated, students are required to file a request to the Dean of Faculty through the Student Office, accompanied by supporting documentation. Absences requested for extraordinary and serious personal reasons are considered on a case‐by‐case basis. Students are strongly advised not to commit to any plans before receiving confirmation of approval.

Unplanned absences

In the case of urgent or highly sensitive reasons for absences, e.g. serious health matters, students are required to file a request to the Dean of Faculty accompanied by a medical note attested by the attesting University doctor not later than three days after the last absence. If issued out of Bulgaria, the supporting documentation must be translated by a certified agency and then attested by the University doctor.     

Students may be absent from lectures and practical sessions due to illness for not more than 25 university school days within one academic year.


Whether an absence was pre‐approved or not, students will be required to make up the time that was missed within two weeks after the last absence. In order for the missed time to be made up, a note issued by the Student Office should be submitted to the respective departments.  

Absences with no serious cause are made up according to an individualized curriculum. Make up is mandatory and requires payment of additional fees.

Semester Attestation

Students may sit an examination only after they have collected all signatures from the Assistant Professors and Professors of the subjects studied. Signatures should be collected within the last week of the semester. Thereafter, the student books should be submitted to the Student office for approval of the Dean of Faculty along with receiving his signature.

In case of failing to get the Assistant Professor’s and/or the Professor’s signature of any subject, a student may get the semester attested with the approval of the Dean of Faculty (the so-called Dean’s Red Signature). A student may use the Red Signature option once throughout the entire course of training.

Forging a signature and/or providing misleading information will result in the student’s immediate dismissal from the University.


All students must sit examinations as scheduled and only once within every examination session.  

Rescheduling examinations is limited to medical or compassionate reasons subject to approval based on supporting documentation. Students must file a request to the Dean of Faculty through the Student Office before the scheduled examination.

To avoid any suggestions of improper behavior, students should not communicate with other students neither should they refer to any papers or use electronic devices during the examination. Cheating, plagiarizm, or assisting others in the commission of these acts will result in serious penalties.

If a student is not satisfied with a grade, it may be revised by reexamination within the regular, supplementary or final examination session. The grade received on a reexamination is permanent and final.

Students may carry not more than three examinations to the final examination session.

Students may carry three pending examinations from semester to semester.

Students may proceed with the next academic year enrolment with only one pending examination (provided that it is not the anatomy, biochemistry or physiology examination). The examination should be completed by the end of the next academic year on the scheduled regular date.

Repeat of Study

Unattested Semester

Students who fail to proceed with the next semester enrolment due to an unattested semester will repeat the lectures and seminars studied in the respective year/semester.

Bad Academic Performance

Students who have two pending examinations after the final examination session will repeat the semester. They will be required to repeat the subjects they have failed and pay the required tuition for the repeated classes.  Students may sit examinations within the regular, supplementary and final examination sessions.   

If a student has already repeated a semester due to bad performance he/she will be dismissed from the University.

A student may repeat a semester only once during his/her course of training.

Authorized Interruption of Study

Grounds for Interruption


A student who wishes to suspend their studies at the University for a medical reason may request a medical leave of absence. The request must be supported by documentary evidence (i.e. medical or hospital certificates), be submitted to the Student Office and be approved of by the Rector. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after the problem has emerged. A medical leave of absence may be granted for a maximum of one year. During the leave of absence students may sit for the examinations on the subjects attested.

Social problems, Financial Hardship, Significant Family Related Matters

A student may interrupt his/her studies for a maximum of two consecutive years.

A student may interrupt their studies only once throughout the whole course of training for any of the aforementioned reasons.

The University reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student.

If a student does not rejoin their programme after a period of interrupted study, the student’s registration will be discontinued.

Bad Academic Performance

A student may interrupt his/her studies due to bad academic performance only once throughout the whole course of training.

Withdrawal from Study

A student who wishes for any reason to withdraw from the University must notify the Rector in writing prior to the date of the expected withdrawal.

Return to Study 

Students who have dropped out of University may apply for readmission, but the application will be treated as a new application. Students who resume their studies will be charged the current annual fee plus 25 per cent of it. Students will restart the subjects they have failed following the current curriculum. Credits are retained for all courses that had been fully completed prior to withdrawal.

Summer practice

This is a one-month, full-time programme that should be completed during the summer after the fourth and the eighth semester. Students may seek out a mentor independently or select from a list of the University Hospital departments. Students are required to submit the completed and attested summer practice notes to the Student Office at the beginning of respectively the fifth and the ninth semester.

State Internship

Students must complete 48 weeks of clerkship (rotation) – six core clerkships and one elective – after the fifth semester examinations have been successfully passed.

Completion of the clerkships outside Bulgaria is not permitted.

Other clinical rotations must not be scheduled concurrently with a required clerkship.

Students are found eligible to sit a state examination only after having their clerkship attested. 

Students who have not successfully had their clerkship attested must join the next rotation as scheduled and after having all clerkships attested, they will be eligible to complete the internship again and sit the examination.

Students are required to sit the state examinations within the regular examination session, which starts immediately after the end of every clerkship. Students who have completed all clerkships but have not passed the examinations may do so within the final state examination session (from 1st to 20th November).   

Medical University - Pleven wishes to emphasize that all students are subject to the rules and regulations of the University currently in effect. Students, in accepting admission, indicate their willingness to subject to and be governed by these rules and regulations.

Should any student have any comments, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact the staff member at the Student Office.

The Student Office can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Phone no. 884 265.