Bulgarian Language Sector

Bulgarian Language Sector

Head of Section: Adoreya Mladenova Beneva- Parvanova
064/ 884-206

I. Academic staff

  1. Adorea Mladenova Beneva- Parvanova, senior lecturer
  2. Valentina Parashkevova Kirilova - Mangelova, lecturer
  3. Lilia Krassimirova Vlahova, lecturer
  4. Stefka Ivanova Kostova, lecturer
  5. Asiya Parashkevova Staneva, lecturer
  6. Steliyan Plamenov Penkov, lecturer
  7. Rumiana Hristoforova Yaneva, lecturer
  8. Marta Dimitrova Meshinska, lecturer
  9. Eva Veselinova Marinova, lecturer

II. Teaching activities.
Foreign students are trained in the Sector organized as follows:
1. Preparatory course- 660 hours in two semesters
2. Bulgarian for ethnic Bulgarians- 120 hours in two semesters
3. Bulgarian for foreign students- 510 hours in 6 semesters

III. Scientific activities.
1. Various curricula have been developed according to the teaching needs.
2. Learning materials have been made for the different courses
3. Participation in scientific conferences and publications (as of 2004):
- Easy Bulgarian-student’s book, Naidova, M., Tzvetanova, Y. Medical University - Pleven, 2006;
- Bulgarian for English speakers, editor: A. Beneva, Gramma Press, 2005;
- English for Bulgarians, editor: A. Beneva, Gramma Press, 2005;
- Business English- a self- study course, editor: A. Beneva, Gramma Press, 2007;
- Bulgarian-English phrasebook for the U.S. and Canada, A. Beneva, Gramma Press, 2008;
- Naidova, M., Tzvetanova, Y. Small ways to achieve big goals in teaching Bulgarian as a foreign language. International Language Conference “Languages as Means for education, Research and Professional Realization” – Varna, 2004;
- Naidova, M., Tzvetanova, Y. Using fabula against boredom, or how we can work on a text. International Language Conference “Languages as Means for education, Research and Professional Realization” – Varna, 2004;
- Naidova, M., Tzvetanova, Y. Interference between what is known and unknown in teaching languages. Jubilee Session of Varna Branch of Bulgarian Union of Scientists, Varna, 2004;
- Naidova, M., Tzvetanova, Y. Scientific text comprehension and analysis in teaching languages to medical students – Jubilee Session of Medical University – Pleven, 2004;
- Naidova, M., Dimitrova, A.,Todorova. M. Some normative prohibitions in the Bulgarian language. Jubilee Scientific Session Stara Zagora, 2007;
- Naidova, M., Todorova, M. Web communication and teaching writing skills. Fifth International Linguistic Congress "Language - a phenomenon across borders”, Varna, Medical University, 2008;
- Naidova, M., Todorova, M. Slow reading of poetry in language teaching classes. Jubilee Conference of the Sofia University, 2008;
- Nomination for the play "Hatred is feminine" of the Fourth Bulgarian National Playwriting Competition in honor of Ivan Radoev, April 2007 (M. Naydova);
- "Ten", Volume 4, Pleven, 2007 (M. Naidova - publication of the play nominated in the Ivan Radoev literary competition);
- Electronic publication. Pomagalo.com, http://search:pomagalo.com (Mariana Naidova, Maya Todorova).