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The Career Development Center (CDC) of MU-Pleven was established according to an Academic council decision of 02.04.2007.

CDC of MU-Pleven is a co-founder of the "Association for career-oriented development in higher education" (AKORVO), together with MU-Varna, TU-Ruse, TU-Gabrovo, AU-Plovdiv, Thrace University-St. Zagora, American University-Blagoevgrad, Higher School of Insurance and Finance-Sofia. It is a non-profit association registered in the central register of non-profit legal entities for carrying out socially useful activities under No. 20080117005.

The Center maintains close co-operation with the leadership of AKORVO and its members.


Mission of the Career Development Center (CDC): To implement and maintain effective interaction between the Academic Community, the students of MU-Pleven and health staff users, companies and organizations from the field of health care and social activities.

Vision: The Career Development Center will establish itself as an independent unit in the structure of MU-Pleven, working for the successful professional realization of students of the high medical school, increasing its rating as a modern European University.

The main objective of the activity of the CDC is to provide high-quality services related to the career guidance of students of all specialities at the University and to assist the successful professional realization of graduates on the labour market.


1. Information activity

  • Creation and maintenance of an electronic database for students of MU-Pleven, for institutions representing employers, for labor offices and other institutions dealing with the realization of human resources.
  • Information on positions for carrying out special and state internships provided for in the curricula.
  • Information about job positions, competitions, scholarships, courses, etc.
  • Collecting, summarizing and maintaining a system for tracking the progress of those who have completed their education at MU-Pleven.
  • Surveys on the attitude to work of graduates from different specialties.
  • Surveys on the quality of education at MU-Pleven among graduates.
  • Surveys on the opinion of staff users about the quality of education at MU-Pleven.

2. Counselling

  • Supporting student careers during the learning process.
  • Preparation of students for writing CV, motivation letter, summaries and other documents for applying for a job.
  • Building students' appropriate behaviour during skills an interview for internship or job - assertive behaviour, key communication attitudes and skills.
  • Supporting the realization of the graduates on the labour market.
  • Assistance with internship programs offered

3. Public relations

  • Presentations of companies offering internships and jobs for students and graduates.
  • Career Days organization.
  • Active participation in holding competitions aimed at the student audience.
  • Monitoring the development and promoting the successful realization of the graduates of MU-Pleven.
  • Conducting studies of the educational market to attract students to MU-Pleven.
  • Relations with the professional medical organizations (BMA, BAHCP).
  • Relations and cooperation with the Career Development Centers of other universities, members of the Association for career-oriented development in higher education (AKORVO).



Assoc. professor Stela Lyudmilova Georgieva

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Mima Zdravkova

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