General Information

Financial Department has been a part of MU-Pleven’s structure since the establishment of the university. Today its purpose is to facilitate the three fundamental priorities of Scientific work, Research and Education. The Financial Department employs 15 highly-qualified specialists, 14 of whom with Major Degrees in Economy and Finances and one with specialized professional training. Since 1997, Head of the Financial Department has been Ibrahim Puturliev, Financial Director.

In MU-Pleven’s 30 years of history, Heads of the Financial Department were: Emil Popov (from 1974 until 1986); Tsvetanka Krusteva (from 1986 until 1997); Tsachu Dunev (from 1987 until 1997) and Ibrahim Puturliev (since 1997). More than 40 highly-qualified specialists and economists have taken part in the Financial Department’s activities during the years and their contribution to the development and application of accounting practices has proven to be invaluable for MU-Pleven.

Accounting is a fundamental field of science. Legislation regarding the field of accounting practices in Bulgaria has undergone a dynamic metamorphosis in order to meet the ever-rising economic standards of contemporary society. In order to match these standards, MU-Pleven’s Financial Department has put together a system of rigorous financial management and control as well as application of the laws regarding accounting practices, taxation and medical insurance policies.

Financial Department employs every established contemporary method of accounting practice automation and information distribution.