The main activities of the ISC are as follows:

  • Marketing research and advertising campaigns for the recruitment of prospective international students.
  • Admission campaigns for the prospective international students.
  • Processing of documents, ranking and enrollment of international students according to the established regulations.
  • Communication with various ministries, embassies, Bulgarian and international companies and organizations in regards to the admission of international students.
  • Communication with institutions abroad, regarding the recruitment of international students.
  • Information activities - the ISC responds to received inquiries, consults prospective students and participates in the development and distribution of promotional materials for the purposes of the student candidate campaign.
  • Coordination of activities related to the educational process and the integration of international students in the academic community of MU-Pleven.
  • Support and assitance in the adaptation and socialization of international students on Bulgarian soil.

 Admission requirements for the specialty of Medicine

 Admission requirements for the specialty of Nursing