Policy statement 2021/2027

Erasmus Policy Statement (2021-2027)

Medical University–Pleven has a long-term history of developing international collaborations and participation in international programs and initiatives for cultural and academic exchange. There are two possible ways to develop further international collaboration: (1) increasing the number of bilateral and multilateral institutional contracts and (2) advancing the effective educational collaboration with renowned international universities and scientific organizations. Six priorities can be defined: (1) Ensuring European quality of higher medical education (2) Updating and harmonization of the institutional normative base with the normative documents of the European Higher Education Area and the international centers outside the European Union, object of bilateral cooperation (3) Optimization of the university information infrastructure (4) Ensuring sustainability and development of academic mobility, accumulation and transfer of credits (5) Strengthening and expanding research and project international and multidisciplinary cooperation (6) Strengthening the positions of the University, ensuring competitiveness and enriching the contacts with the external environment

Our university strategy to getting exposure to modern and innovative educational and practical methods as well as to gaining access to cutting-edge medical equipment and treatment methods hinges on fostering partnerships with leading medical universities, teaching institutions and research centers in Western European and neighboring countries. We have laid the foundation for establishing MU-Pleven as a leading educational institution in the areas of telemedicine, robotic surgery and endoscopic surgery in gynecology and urology. In order to continue successful development in these directions, we will focus on promoting the activities of Telecommunication Endoscopic Centre at MU-Pleven, removing all language barriers and, most importantly, attracting foreign teaching experts who can help elevate the educational process to the highest international standards and best practices.

Medical University- Pleven has been participating in Erasmus program since 1999 and, referring to the excellent results achieved so far, expresses the will of the entire academic community to be actively involved in the Programme activities during the period 2021-2027, and confirms its commitment to the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.