General Information

The department of Midwifery is part of the Faculty of Health Care. It was created on 31.10.2007 by the General Assembly of Medical University – Pleven. Head of the department then was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlozar Stoykov, MD. From 2015 Head of the Department of Midwifery is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nadejda Hinkova, MD.

The academic staff of the Department of Midwifery includes three Associate Professors, five Assistant Professors and two Senior Lecturers. The Department was created during the initial structuring of the Faculty of Health Care at MU-Pleven, which entailed institutional involvement of the highest level: The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria declared that under article 86, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and article 9, paragraph 2, section 1 of the Law for Higher Education a decision was made to establish the Faculty of Health Care as part of MU-Pleven’s academic structure. In compliance with the laws for higher education in Bulgaria, “Midwifery” field of study is only introduced in faculties, departments and sectors of universities that have undergone the proper accreditation procedures as stipulated in the Law for Higher Education.

The department is located on the main campus of the University, Building 2, 2nd floor as well as on the territory of Clinical base II (at University Hospital - Pleven) because of the clinical aims and approach towards the field of study and the education of the students of Midwifery.