Department of General medicine, forensic medicine and deontology

Section “General Medicine”


In the 2005 the Department of General practice turn to Section of General practice which is included in The Department of General practice, Forensic medicine and medical deontology in a faculty of Public health – Medical university, Pleven.

Anelia Panova



tel. 064 884 122

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Disciplines lectured by the Department staff to medical students

  • General Medicine
  • Communication skills

Disciplines lectured by the Department staff to students from Faculty of Health Care

  • Primary health care
  • Forensic medicine and deontology

Disciplines lectured by the Department staff to students from Faculty of Public Health

  • Communication skills

Main research themes at the Department

  • Communication in medical practice.
  • Psychology of illness.
  • Quality of life and chronicle disease.
  • Medico-social problems in the third age.
  • Stress and strategy of coping with stress.
  • Illness and temporary disability to work.
  • Work in team in the Primary Health Care.
  • Resolving conflicts in the Medical practice.
  • Management in the Primary Health Care.
  • Quality of General practice education.                               

Published textbooks

“The basis of General medicine”, 2001

“The theoretical bases of General medicine” 2015

Equipment and facilities

The Section disposes of three halls with good equipment – classrooms for practical training, multimedia, computers, educational films, library with 150 volumes of English specialized literature.


The department of General practice in High Medical Institute – Pleven is the first of this discipline in the history of medical education in Bulgaria.